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Custom Home Audio and Acoustics

Specializing in home audio applications, we provide the following:


*Specializing in Italian, hand-built audio gear from Angstrom Audiolab.

*Choice of Integrated Amplifiers, DACs, Pre-Amplifiers, Phono Stages, Monoblocks and more.

*Inquire about catalog and availability as the website does not list all available items. Direct Site:

*Limited stock held in-house.

*Orders take approximately 10 weeks to arrive as these are built-to-order.


Call or email to inquire.


Design/ Equipment/ New Construction/ Remodels / Home Theatre.


Complete measurement, analysis and design- including installation.


*Tube amplifier biasing, testing and tube replacement, modifications/upgrades.

(Angstrom Audiolab products excluded from modifications during first year due to warranty coverage). 

*Speaker crossover repair, cabinet modifications and internal wiring upgrades.

*Cabling modifications, re-termination.



Two and three-way speaker designs. Built to order. Minimum 16 weeks lead time depending on selections at time of order. 65% deposit required.

Digital-Analog Converter - Coming 2025

ps... We'll never ask you to subscribe, follow, like or share. We put our customers first. Not ourselves. 


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Direct Contact


Use the contact form above or email directly at I no longer provide a phone number due to spamming. But I will call those who contact me using the form above as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

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