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Hybrid Technology

An hybrid audio amplifier uses both tubes and transistors. The tube circuits drive the MOSFET transistors at the output stage because transistors can generate more power with less heat. This is a solution where the best of two worlds are used together. There are undisputable advantages on using solid state devices, but on the other hand a no compromise approach is not about practicality. With the Zenith series we merged the good things both from tubes and transistors, a world-class sound with convenience.


Circuit Highlights

The differential input circuit is derived from the Angstrom top of the range Stella and Orion series, entirely made of tubes where the signal passes through very few components to have the least possible degradation of the original signal.

The output stage uses audio grade MOSFETs (lateral MOSFET) for the best linearity and consequent minimization of the negative feedback (just local). Furthermore, the output stage is designed in Circlotron topology with local current feedback. Each single MOSFET has its own separate power supply to achieve maximum performance.

Utmost attention is paid to the power supply where the transformers are made to Angstrom specification by a specialized manufacturer in Italy.


Gain-Volume Control

Additional flexibility is provided by the possibility to control both volume and input gain. Source voltage level (line level) actually varies from device to device and one can find himself/herself in a situation where volume is practically utilized for only one third of its range. At the other end of the spectrum one may need to get to 5 o’clock to have the desired sound level.

The Zenith preamplification stages have generous gain to deal with a wide range of source levels. Thanks to the Gain and Volume knobs it’s possible to find the sweet spot for a specific audio set up.


Best in class Printed Circuit Board

Although Angstrom Audiolab has established his reputations through their outstanding hard wired circuits this didn’t prevented them to develop a deep expertise on PCB design as well.

With the Zenith series Angstrom introduces a very high quality and performance devices, with the same component quality from the Stella series, but with the use of PCBs for a more affordable Angstrom gem.

All the critical PCBs are complying to ENIG standard for a high performance, no compromise approach. No silkscreen is used and a special solder mask is applied manually for achieving the maximum electrical insulation.

All of Angstrom’s PCBs are hand assembled and rigorously tested.


Component Selection

Angstrom audiolab’s philosophy about component selection is to choose what available from well-known producers without any shortcut on quality.

In quality vs. hype Angstrom choses quality proven in more than three decades of experience. You may not find esoteric components in our products, not because they’re not good, but because we weren’t able to establish a clear advantage in our design.

Technical Specifications


- 3x XLR

- 2x RCA


Output Power

50 watt/Ch. (8 ohm)

100 watt/Ch. (4 ohm)


Circuit Details

Output stage in Class A, MOSFETs Push Pull

Pure Symmetric Balanced Circuit

Circlotron Current Output r

Zero Feedback

8 Independent Power Supplies



4x ECC81 Input Tubes

4x ECC82 Output Drive stage tubes


Input Impedance

Balanced 200k Ohm Single Ended 100K Ohm


Noise, Distortion & Bandwidth

S/N 95dB

THD 0.08 (1 watt 1 kHz)

Bandwidth 20 HZ – 100 kHz



W 45.5cm, H 15cm, D 41.5cm



33 KG

Zenith Integrated Amplifier

All Angstrom Audiolab products are expected to arrive within 10 weeks of ordering. Due to continuing parts availability, estimated arrival may shift.
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